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Coaching | Character | Careers

Eldertree has been offering independent coaching and career development services for over twelve years, hosting talks and workshops in the heart of Berkshire as well as delivering for many of the Thames Valley’s largest employers.

We take a consciousness led approach to providing practical and professional support, applying psychometric and transpersonal insight to your decision making.

Developing character, setting career direction and finding fulfilment are the key notes of our service.
Bringing balance and alignment to the dialogue between external expectations and internal intuition means some of life’s bigger questions frequently come in to view…

We aim to blend ancient and contemporary philosophy with pragmatic guidance and current professional experience to enable our clients and students to approach the unique challenges of this inter-connected age. At the heart of our practice is the intention to thrive and evolve by igniting understanding and putting it to good use, in other words bringing wisdom to life.




“In English folklore the elder tree symbolises regeneration and the natural cycle of
a beginning in each end and an end in each beginning.”